A shout out from the Kentucky Derby!

Today was a special day in Horse Racing. Nothing is more exciting than what has been called “The greatest two minutes in sports”, The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. That said, you will be forever shunned for not considering your dress code and of course, your Flat Cap!

Today, we received this photo from one of our U.S. Military serving customers in attendance at the Kentucky Derby sporting our Poe & Co. 8-Panel Snub-Nosed Shelby in Burgoyne Tweed. Well dressed, proper traditional and having a great time with his graciously turned-out & lovely ladies.

Historically, the ladies inspired upscale fashion in attendance with their classy ensembles and always topped it off with a flourish in their hat choice! The men followed and those traditions live on!

Thanks for the photo Mike and congratulations to Country House! Hope you made the right bet Mike! 65-1 is a nice pull!

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